Early HTA Advice Service

Free scientific advice for the developers of health technologies

The Scottish Health Technologies Group (SHTG) is piloting a scientific advice service. The new service helps developers to understand what evidence is needed to demonstrate the value of their health technology within NHSScotland.

SHTG’s scientific advice service will identify gaps within the evidence base, in relation to Health Technology Assessment, early in the development process. Addressing these evidence gaps will help developers make a convincing case to potential payers and NHS commissioners in Scotland.

The service is currently offered free of charge to health technology developers; whether an individual, a small medium-sized enterprise, or an established multinational. Relevant health technologies may include medical devices, diagnostics, digital technologies, health pathways and procedures. 

Initially the service will be facilitated via the Medtech Early Technical Assessment (META) Tool. The META Tool was developed by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) with Health Innovation Manchester.

SHTG’s scientific advice service includes the following key steps:

  1. Discussion between SHTG and the developer regarding suitability of the META Tool for their health technology.
  2. Completion of an online questionnaire regarding the health technology, the existing evidence base, and current plans to collect data.
  3. Consultation with a trained SHTG facilitator to discuss potential gaps in evidence base and data collection plan.
  4. ‘META report’ provided to the developer, which summarises the key issues discussed.
  5. Obtaining feedback on whether the service added value to achieving the developer’s objectives.

If you are interested in having your technology assessed using the META Tool, please contact his.shtg@nhs.scot to set up an initial meeting.



Last Updated: 3 May 2022