Who we are

Who we are

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SHTG Council

Our SHTG Council is responsible for making recommendations to NHSScotland.

SHTG Council
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The SHTG team conducts the health technology assessments that underpin our advice.

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Partner HTA Agencies

SHTG works closely with HTA agencies in the UK and internationally. 

Partner HTA Agencies

SHTG Council

The SHTG Council is responsible for making recommendations to NHSScotland. The council is made up of representatives from key stakeholder groups across Scotland. Members contribute their expertise and experience to reach consensus.

SHTG Council members

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How the council operates

SHTG standing orders

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Technologies under consideration

The council considers our SHTG Recommendations and Adaptations 

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When does the council meet

Our council meets approximately four times a year

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Council minutes

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The SHTG team includes health service researchers, health economists, a public involvement advisor and project support staff from within Healthcare Improvement Scotland's Evidence Directorate.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland

SHTG is part of the Evidence Directorate within Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS). 

HIS website


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Partner HTA Agencies

SHTG works closely with other HTA agencies in the UK and internationally. SHTG has formal links with a number of these agencies.


National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)

SHTG engages regularly with NICE and takes into account available NICE guidance when selecting topics for assessment. NICE interventional procedures guidance is endorsed by HIS; other NICE guidance has no formal status in Scotland.

NICE website

Health Technology Wales (HTW)

SHTG has a memorandum of understanding with HTW to facilitate knowledge sharing among the agencies, reduce duplication of effort and achieve economies of scale through collaborating on projects and methodology.

HTW website

International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment (INAHTA)

A group of publicly funded HTA agencies from 50 countries across the world who cooperate and share information about producing and disseminating HTA reports.

INAHTA website
Last Updated: 12 April 2024